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Stop exchange in MRX instruction after Stop/Run CPU

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  • Stop exchange in MRX instruction after Stop/Run CPU


    Have a problem in Modbus exchange. Used MRX instruction on RS485
    Port CPU.(Checked on P3-550, P3-550E, P1-540 with last firmware)
    If press Stop in ProductivitySoftware or switch Stop on CPU during
    execution MRX while InProgressis Active(See attach Stop.png)
    When modbus slave device not connected flag InProgress more long (is determined by the timeout)
    MRX is freezed after press Run (See Run.png). This situation is critical where a lot of devices
    and MRX instructions interlocked by MRX.Complete flag
    It is stopped control and monitoring all devices in bus.

    Helps in this situation Reboot CPU or Stop(RunTime) transfer project.
    Switch Stop/Run on CPU not helped.

    Has anyone seen this situation?
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    Please go online with the CPU and create a system report and then send this into our technical support team so a trouble ticket can be generated.


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      Yeah, I got away from using the automatic polling as it doesn't seem to work properly and resulted in transmission collisions in the end devices. So now I do everything with manual triggers and I wrote code to sequence the instructions. Flawless now, with 2ms gap between transmissions.

      If only I could programmatically change the slave ID, I would be able to place the code in a loop.