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Data collection on P2K - recommendations?

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  • Data collection on P2K - recommendations?

    Started out working on only 1 PLC where I was just going to grab the log files and create something in excel to generate charts. Now it looks like I'll need to start hooking up sensors to everything in the plant for continuous data collection (1 minute intervals at most) while adding a little more automation. Any recommendations for collecting continuous data from a couple dozen PLCs? Near future is just P2k/p3k PLCs, but I might throw in some click and brx PLCs based on the application requirements/cost. If multiple PLCs writing to a database server continuously is a problem, an acceptable solution would be recording the data locally and writing it to the server once per day and in some cases, once per week.


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    Its too bad Point of View software is no longer sold by Automation Direct. That was cheap(ish) and had very nice integration with AD PLCs. You could use this software instead as it is also on the cheaper end of things:
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      I haven't used it but i know there is a dedicated instruction to dataworx in the productivity suite