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Psuite MRX/MWX structure

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  • Psuite MRX/MWX structure

    Am I having another senior moment?
    Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

    I incorrectly assigned a structure to a Modbus Write (MWX).
    I want to transfer this structure to a Modbus Read (MRX).
    The structure formats appear to be identical. I have deleted the original MWX instruction but the structure is NOT available to be selected in the MRX instruction.

    If the structure format is identical, why does it matter that the structure was created/assigned to a Write instruction.

    I can rename and then USE the NAME.

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    If you look in the TagDB in the "Str Type" you will see that you have a MRX & MWX type. Even though each structure contains the same elements each has it's own type and can't be reassigned. You could export and then change the type and re-import.