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Data View (Drag mode: Insert) BUGGED!!!

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  • Data View (Drag mode: Insert) BUGGED!!!

    I have came across a quite troubling bug. I am using version 3.4.1(1) Productivity Suite on a P1 PLC. I have not tried this on any other combinations.

    ***Setting bits/values in Data View can cause the WRONG tags to change their states/value. The problem appears to be tied to if you have Drag mode set to Insert.

    Please follow these steps (I recommend doing this on a PLC not in production):

    1.) Make sure Drag mode is set to Insert by drilling down in the menu (Tools > Options > Data View > Drag Mode: Insert) and selecting the radio button for Insert.

    1.1.) Make sure to Apply the changes before you close the dialog

    2.) Create 4 tags (these can all be booleans or ints)

    2.1.) Name these with some numeric progression (T1....T4)

    2.1.) Make sure to download the program to the PLC so the tags exist there.

    3.) Add the 4 tags to a Data View

    3.1.) Take note of which rows these tags are in. (T1 in row 1, T2 in row 2, etc.)

    4.) Drag any of the other tags, let's say T1, to row 4

    5.) Now set T1 to ON, or change its value via the Edit field and send the edit.

    6.) Check which tag actually changes.

    What seems to be happening is the tag that IS CURRENTLY IN THE ROW where the intended tag USED TO BE is the tag that gets the edit.

    Please let me know if I can explain these steps better.

    Also, I thought I would mention that Help topic P082 doesn't even show Drag mode as an option in the Data View tab. Is there any published information on this feature?

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    Click image for larger version  Name:	Release Note concerning Drag & Drop in Dataview.PNG Views:	0 Size:	20.1 KB ID:	122629

    Just wanted to confirm that I DID NOT have my Dataview sorted in by columns.
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      I can reproduce this effect in

      If one is attempting to manipulate physical I/O tags or tags which are logically tied to physical I/O, this could be dangerous.

      BTW: I'm running this on Win7-64 pro.
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        It seems that your issue has been addressed v3.4.2.2