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PxK : Use RS485 Port Ready bit

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    Since looking into this issue has a PxK communicating with two Solo temperature controllers and the comms are already in-place, this may be a good time to verify my statement in this post


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        Update: Based on Tinker's post, I reworked my Solo comms routine in an attempt to minimize writing to the temp and overtemp controller's SP parameter

        (refer to the three code blocks in post 1, they are close to what I have now)
        Basically, I changed the Max_Comms values in the CPD instructions (to 8 and 11, respectively) and inserted two groups of MRX/accessory code at the beginning of the counting sequence.
        This new code reads the SP from each controller.
        Then, if the SP value read from the controller is different from the desired SP, I allow the MWX/accesory code to write the new SPs to each controller.
        If the SP value is not different, increment the event count - skipping the original MWX instruction.

        I hope that this saves a bit of EEPROM WRITE damage.