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  • Missing Analog Module

    I am new to the Productivity products and the software. Building a retrofit for an industrial food processing machine to yank out a failed AB PLC. I need both 0-10 Volt and 4-20 mA analog inputs. I used the P1-04ADL-2 (0-10 V) with no issues once I realized I needed an external 24 VDC source. While attempting to add the P1-04ADL-1 (0-20 mA), I cannot put the PLC into RUN, because of a critical CPU error. Log says "missing module." I can remove it from the hardware setup and save/run OK. It certainly looks like I have a bad module (new), but I wanted to be sure I am not missing anything. I assume as long as the module has power (OK at pins 1+ and 6-) and is added into the hardware setup, it should be seen. Any ideas?

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    Does it discover when you do a Read System configuration in the Hardware Configuration screen? If no then it is likely a bad module.


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      Check that the modules do not have any bent/damaged pins on the mating connectors on the side.
      They do ship in plastic bags, so there is no real protection from shipping damage.


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        The module in the rack needs to be in the same order as they way it is listed in the program. If your 4-20ma card is in slot 2 on the rack it needs to be in slot 2 in the software.


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          Thanks for the prompt responses. I moved all my modules out and installed only the suspect one under a new project. The same thing happens. It worries me a bit that this could be bad from day one, but that seems to be the verdict. I will order another and see what happens.


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            In the manual the card has a thirty-day money-back guarantee and a two-year limited replacement. E-mail tech support i am sure they will make it write.