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  • uninstall program

    Hello. i want to uninstall program but not possible. i open productivity software and select all, and then delete but failed. Please tell me how to do that. Thanks

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    I am sorry it is not very clear from your post what you wish to do.

    Do you:

    1) want to uninstall the software?
    2) remove a productivity project that has been saved on your pc?
    3) remove a project from a plc?

    clarification needed.


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      It sounds like you want to delete the ladder code entirely, which I really dont think you should be deleting a whole project ladder for a starting point to some new code. And not to sound like a dick here, but the fact you dont really know the terminology for the basics of these PLCs and you are seemingly trying to write a blank ladder into a PLC kinda leads me to believe you arent the one who is authorized to be messing with the PLC code... Perhaps posting some background on the situation you are in or what you are trying to accomplish is needed?
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