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Drifting Scan Time

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  • Drifting Scan Time

    Hello All,

    I have what looks to be a memory leak. It is a complex machine with multiple Modbus/GS Drive/Network reads. After a restart average scan time is 12 ms, over the course of 7 days it slowly creeps up to 140ms before I have to restart it again and it returns to 12ms. I am not getting errors critical or non. Any ideas what would cause this?

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    Please go online with the CPU and create a system report then call into out technical support team so we can take a look at your project and see if we can duplicate.


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      Will a Stop/Run 'reset' the scan time, or does it have to have a power cycle?

      I have had projects that would experience odd ethernet comms issues. Stop/Run would not correct this. A power cycle was required.