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Pending Data Change Lock Up in Data View

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  • Pending Data Change Lock Up in Data View

    I am using a P1-540 on Ver software with ver firmware.

    I am able to "lock-up" my Array of integers by creating a new Data View instead of clicking the Send Edits but in the Data View window.

    First I made a change inside my array of integers then instead of pressing Send Edits(Waldo Hat) I accidentally pressed Add Data View.

    Click image for larger version

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    After the new Data View was made I could no longer Send the pending edits even if they were changed.
    I tried going into Stop Mode and transferring the project, removing the program from and Reinstalling into the PLC, restarting the software, and even a Power Cycle, nothing allowed me to make the change to the array tag.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2019-06-28 (5).png
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    Then, after going to the new data view that was created I can place the same integer array here and my changes can once again be made but I still can not make changes to that array inside of the original data view that it was placed in.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2019-06-28 (7).png
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    Duplicated with P1-540 SW
    Duplicated with P1-540 SW -- so it does not appear to be firmware related

    Could not duplicate using P1-540 SW

    In a dataview tab, if a tag has a pending edit when the Add DataView button is clicked, that dataview fails to send data.
    Other array datatypes suffer from this. I tested boolean, float and string arrays - all fail to write after clicking on the Add DataView button while a pending edit has not been written.
    It does not matter the array datatype that has a pending edit when the Add DataView button is clicked - all 'ARRAY' sends fail in this dataview.

    If no pending edit/new dataview conflicts have happened - all edits can be sent.
    If ANY tag (array or non-array) has an edit pending and the new dataview button is clicked, no array data can be sent - but the single integer tag data CAN be sent.

    It seems that references to arrays get lost when the Add DataView button is clicked while an edit is pending.

    [edit change to Add DataView]

    Follow up, after the aforementioned issue inhibits the sending of array data, AutoEdit send STILL DOES WORK!
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      We can also duplicate the issue. I have entered a trouble ticket to our development team.


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        Just made another find on the problem that I have stated above.

        Losing the ability to make a change to a numeric entry does not seem to only happen within arrays. I have seen that it will also "Lock Up" my STMR Structure Numeric Tag. I have not tried this with all structure types.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	2019-07-11_LI.jpg Views:	0 Size:	133.2 KB ID:	123874
        If going through the same process stated above and if you have a structure in the original Data View Tab you will also lose the ability to change those numeric tags that are in the structure as well.


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          This has been flagged as an issue. This has been fixed and software is in final QA.


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            New is now available on the store that fixes this issue.


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              I experienced the same problem with version So I upgraded the Firmware on my P1-540 still no luck. Then I installed Version and still was not able to send edits with Dataveiw to an Array Index.
              Then I came across this thread and put the Array into Dataview2 and viola it works now but not in Dataview1.

              Edit: I am using Firmware now. Not sure what was on it before.
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