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Productivity Suite analog channel select UI bug

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  • Productivity Suite analog channel select UI bug

    Setting up a new project and I've got a couple P2-08THM modules. In the hardware configuration dialog I tried to turn off the unused channels (I think that's what the "Ch. Select" column is for, the manual isn't very clear about it). Anyways, when I click a check box on a channel it checks all the rows above while clearing all the rows below. Pretty sure this isn't the intended behavior.

    Project is for a P2000, suite v3.5.0 (16)

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    It appears that used channels must be sequential from 1. When clicking a check box ON you are saying I am using all channels from 1 to this one. The selection checks reflect that.



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      Looks like it works in like it has always worked in previous version. It does not let you skip channels so if you check a channel below channels that are not checked it will check all the ones above it. Likewise if you uncheck a channel with channels below it that are checked it will uncheck them.