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P1-540 unable to send email notifications with new firmware

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  • P1-540 unable to send email notifications with new firmware

    I have recently received this email message:
    "I have two PLCs with model code P1-540. On one PLC I have firmware version P1-540, and I am able to send email notifications.
    On the second PLC, I have firmware version P1-540 and I am unable to send email notifications, I get the error message " Failed TLC handshake (-188) ".
    Have you seen this behavior with the newer firmware?
    Would you please send me firmware version P1-540 so that I may try downgrading the firmware on the failing PLC to check if it resolves the email notification error.
    Thank you,"

    I was able to send him the older firmware file.
    Can anyone shed some light on this problem?

    Thank you,

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    Which email server are you using? Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

    Which software version are you using? Was it the same on both occasions or did the s/w also get upgraded?
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      He has resolved the issue by the following actions:
      - Download Firmware
      - Change the option "Verify Mail Server Certificate" to "No Verification"

      He is using Gmail. The software being used for both is 3.5.12.