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Creating an external file with data

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  • Creating an external file with data

    I am still fairly new to automation direct software and I am attempting to write a data to a file to an external pc. The file can be of either a csv or just a notepad file. Is there a way to do this with the p3 series. What I have occurring right now is the hmi is writing the date and time of the event to an sd card, but I need it to go to an external device. It would also be preferred if the PLC did this instead of the HMI

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    The C-More is capable of FTP. You can set up a computer to automatically fetch the file on the C-More.
    The productivity series can email the logged file. Some programs could automatically save the attached file to a network drive.
    The above link will show you how to set up FTP on the C-More
    This link will show you a batch file to read the FTP file automatically

    Hope this helps you out.

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