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P1K PWM, PWM Fan Control

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  • P1K PWM, PWM Fan Control

    I am trying to control a industrial fan, http://NF-A14 industrialPPC-24V-3000 Q100 IP67 PWM ,a 24v, IP67 PWM fan. The fan uses the intel PWM specs for speed control. I included a link below to the Noctua white paper on control. I have a few questions:

    1) For hookup, the P1k PWM package insert , the sinking/sourcing seems backwards when looking at the internal module circuitry. I think I need to connect the control PWM wire to the Sourcing pin of the module. Again the PWM fan pin need to sink to ground, pulled up to 5v internal to the fan. So fan is sourcing (5v) the P1k PWM is sinking even though I would connect to the Sourcing terminal of the P1k?. Seems AD is not consistent with the terminology.

    2) More so for AD tech. I don't know if the PWM module will control the fan. I'll have it hooked up in a few days. Intel specs say 21khz to 28khz carrier frequency. I would think upgrading the frequency of this module so fan control is possible would be a great feature.

    Thanks Brad