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    As a companion to the Cmore Idea, I am submitting this idea:

    In PAC programming remote comms to other PxK CPUs, we must load the project file for every RX or WX instruction.
    If we edit the remote project, we must read the project file again (For any WX/RX which needs access to the changed remote tagdB) to incorporate those edits to the remote CPU's address space.

    What are the implementation nightmares which would be introduced with the concept of a remote CPU tag database similar to the CMore tag database?
    [This would make older projects incompatible, but we could have the option to use/not use -- like the BoW and Structures options -- one more reason to use the Project Properties dialog.]

    In File->Project Properties dialog, if we had another tab which could hold references to the tagdB of PxK projects that we knew that we would use in a local PxK project, we could then have a reference to the tagdB in the WX/RX instructions instead of the [Read] file button and pathname field for the remote project.
    We would still need the ability to add,delete and refresh these tagdBs, but would not have to reread the remote files while editing WX/RX. The refresh could be in the Project properties dialog.

    I have looked at many projects here that have RX/WX intructions with out-of-sync file references [outdated/non-existent project files.] If I intend to edit/update these WX/RX instructions, I must locate the file(s) or transfer the file from the CPU(s.) [btw, the dataworx DWX instruction has the same issue]
    There could be an option to have the PAC Suite software check remote PxK tagdB references on startup of the IDE - instead of only checking a specific file reference when we edit a specific WX/RX instruction.

    My current P1K project has 71 WX and 92 RX instructions spread across 6 P3K CPUs - I imagine that it would be easy to have out-of-sync WX/RX remote file references.
    I can't wait to put Dataworx in the mix :O