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c-more micro not communicating with productivity 1000

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  • c-more micro not communicating with productivity 1000

    I am having an issue trying to get my c-more micro to communicate with my productivity 1000. I am trying to connect via Ethernet and am not sure how to set up the protocol. I am able to communicate with the PC and send programs but if I put a button that has a tag and send I get a PLC com timeout error. If anyone can put me on the right road I will be forever grateful!

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    What is the C-more micro part number you are using?


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      I am using the ea3-t4cl, it turned out that I was not aware that just the port number changed and not the IP address. I finally went to "choose CPU" on the productivity software, found the IP address that had been automatically found when I connected the PLC to to PC, went to the c-more panel manager and put in the that address after clicking on "DEV 001" and we are communicating. Next task will be to assign a light on the panel to each button but hopefully the Garry Short you tube video will get me there. Thank you for wanting to help, I really appreciate it!


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        Hi Cliff,
        You might find the following posts helpful. Your [Select PLC Protocol] will be AutomationDirect Productivity Ethernet.

        Here is a link to the entire series on the C-More micro.

        Hope this helps you out.
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