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MSG instruction stopped working.

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  • MSG instruction stopped working.

    I have an Allen Bradley controllogix PLC writing to a P1000 with a MSG instruction. It was working properly for months but now the MSG instruction has a error code 16#0001 with an extension code 16#0000_0204 and the heart beat i have programmed in isn't transferring.

    Do any of you have any ideas. I can go online with both PLCs so I don't think it is a network issue

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    My AB memory is failing. Is CLX/P1K over ethernet? if so, power cycle the P1K. I have seen the P3K seem like it gets glogged -- power cycle resolved. Stop/RUN would NOT resolve.


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      yes it is over Ethernet and it is an explicit unconnected message.


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        A power down reset on the P1000 did solve the problem. I have a heart beat timers set up in the Controllogix PLC and have the P1000 watching the heart beat which is how i found them not communicating. Is there anything in the P1000 I can look at if it stops communicating again to see if I can find root cause.


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          I was never able to find a 'cause.' I never could reliably reproduce this issue - however - it has reared it head occasionally.
          The listed thread never had a response. I would like to think ( 4-1/2 years ago - I forget.) that I did talk with tech support - to no avail.


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            It happened again this time I pulled a system report before I reset the PLC


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              I updated the firmware per the AD tech I e-mailed for tech report last week and it faulted out over the weekend again.

              I pulled a system report and E-mailed it back with the same ticket.

              dose anyone know if i can go the other way around an have the productivity message the control logix and request the data instead of the way i have it that the control logix messages the productivity. the productivity looks easy to setup either way i am not sure how to set up a control logix to be an explicit server.


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                I had this issue 4 times since this last post.

                From my research Allen Bradley control logix PCL makes it difficult to read tags from non Allen Bradley control logix PLC.


                dose anyone have any ideas to keep the coms from locking up between the control logix and the p1000. in this protect i have 2 p1000s and the coms never lock up between those