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P2-HSI Counting Issues

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    I can't tell. Do you have a ground wire to each drive? I believe those are the plastic-framed Commander C (Control Techniques). There are grounding screw locations towards the bottom, below the power terminals. Without these being grounded, the noise is very high!

    Also, the 'normal' DC inputs have a lot of filtering compared to the high-speed Counter cards. My WAG is they might work up to 2Khz if that...


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      How long are the cables to the encoders? And are they line driver or open collector?
      And are you sure that if you are using line driver encoder, you are not wired in to the open collector inputs and vise versa?

      Are the cables for the motors on the conveyors run together with the encoder cables? Or are the motor cables run in separate conduit at least a couple inches away from the encoder cable runs?

      Have you thought about trying something really crazy like running each encoder phase through something like one of these?
      Datasheet on it shows that it will work decently in the low KHz range, and hits 1kohms resistance at around 25KHz and will do decent to goof filtering anywhere from there into the low MHz range.
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