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Trying to set 2 different times on same output with OR coil P1K

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  • Trying to set 2 different times on same output with OR coil P1K

    I am trying to get a servo motor to run for 2 different times using a P1K with an OR coil but it is not working as planned. What needs to happen is if the prox sensor and optical sensor go high then the motor runs for a certain amount of time and if just the prox sensor goes high then the motor needs to run for a different amount of time. I tried using an "OR" coil but it seems that only the first rung "or" output will go high (prox sensor and optical sensor) and the next rung (prox sensor only) will not let the output go high. I tried using a one shot for one of the "Or" coils but that is not working either (I also need it to work multiple times, it is a colored cup on a conveyor application and the cups come numerous times). Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong or if there is a different way to attack this? Thank you in advance for your time.

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    Silly me... I set up a timer for the white cup sensors and a separate timer for the black cup sensors and simply did an IF/OR command for the motor...


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      Is this the same application as the steppers before with controlling them through ascii? Or a new, different servo motor you are controlling a different way?