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P1-540 Possibly Bricked After Power Cycle

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  • P1-540 Possibly Bricked After Power Cycle

    I was programming a PLC out in the field, I finished programming it and seem to be working fine for my application until I power cycled it. Now it won't go into run mode when powered up, despite the the run switch being in the correct position and I cannot reconnect with the PLC with the usb to try to reprogram it (the PLC doesn't show up in the CPU connections that popup when you go to the "Choose CPU" in the productivity suit. The green power light is on, the run light blinks on for a couple msec periodically (about every 5 seconds) and the red CPU light blinks on for about 4 seconds and off for about 1 second. Any idea how to reconnect with the PLC over usb to reprogram it? It seems to be brick.

    I'm using the productivity suit 3.5.1 and the latest productivity firm ware has been installed.
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    Sounds like the CPU is in constant reboot. I would disconnect all external Ethernet & Serial connections, unplug and I/O modules and then power cycle to cpu to see if you are able to connect. If still no success I would replace the unit and/or contact ADC's tech support team.