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  • PWM outputs

    Hello we run Productivity 3000 series in our plant and I'm just starting to learn programming. My question is what output modules can be used for PWM? I looked in the manual for our digital output modules we have on the shelf but I don't see ability specifically listed anywhere.

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    The P3-HSO is the module used for high speed output but I don't see anywhere in the configuration menu to specifically set it up for PWM. There might be a way to set it up through a combination of settings but I just don't see a direct way to do it. The Productivity 1000 has the P1-04PWM module which allows for direct setup of a PWM signal. The BRX PLC has the PWMOUT command which can be used to directly set-up PWM on units with high speed outputs built in. What specifically are you trying to do with PWM? There might be other alternatives to PWM depending on the application.


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      Currently we do not sell a PWM module for the P3 Series.

      This is only offered in the P1 Series. The P1-04PWM is the only PWM module that is available.


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        What is the PWM controlling? Typically you see PLCs running stepper and servo motor type applications and the HSO module is great for this. It outputs a similar pulse train at a frequency you specify to do a motor move. I dont believe there is a way on P3k to modify the width of the pulses, but it will give you a frequency output. If you currently have P3k's in use and you are in fact using "PWM" on a device, I suspect that you dont actually need or use the pulse width part of PWM, rather just a frequency measurement to do whatever you need doing.