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Odd measuring / timing project

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  • Odd measuring / timing project

    I am working on a machine right now that builds pallets. The owner has requested what he feels to be an upgrade to the system and I am not entirely certain how to implement it. I have a photo eye that will be set up to sense the presence of a board. This is mounted approximately 10in in front of a nail gun. The system needs to see the board, determine its width, assign a number of nails to fire, and then trigger the nail gun in the correct spot. This needs to happen with every single board as the machine will make a number of sizes. Eye and gun are on a gantry driven by a servo.

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    Is the board moving when you need to measure it?
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      Is the gantry servo driven by the same device as the sensor will be connected to? (since you posted in the Productivity forum I'm assuming a Productivity PLC)
      if yes, is it controlled in such a way that the PLC "knows" where the gantry is?
      Can a board ever be wider than the distance between the sensor and the nail gun?

      Assuming first two answers are yes and third is no, record the gantry position when the sensor detects the leading edge of the board, then when sensor detects trailing edge of board subtract gantry position at that time from the previous value which gives board width then do math to calculate when to fire nail gun.
      If a board could be wider, then you have a problem. you'd have to start firing nails before you know the spacing, unless you can make two scans.


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        johnaden The board is not moving. The gantry is moving across a deck where the boards are held stationary.

        Tinker Yes, the gantry is driven by a servo that is controlled by a P3K with HSO. Your solution is precisely what I have sketched up on my whiteboard. I guess I just have to start playing with how to actually structure that. And yes, a board can be wider than the gap between sensor and gun, but there will be a setting in the HMI to select what is called a "Full face" mode.

        I appreciate your input folks, I at least know I was on the right track.


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          I've put this on the back burner as I am still not certain where to actually start with structuring a task for this. Hoping a bump may catch the attention of someone that has a deeper insight.