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Question about behavior with Analog Input

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  • Question about behavior with Analog Input

    I have a P1-540 and a P1-08ADL-2 (8 Channel 0-10v Input) it reads the correct value sometimes, for example I monitoring for a 2.8v input it seems to scale just fine then it suddenly drops (outside of the sensors range) for 5-15 seconds at a time, but the voltage still reads correctly from my multimeter. Is this expected behavior?

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    The input card should read a constant voltage (within the poll rate of the card anyway) and be consistent with your multimeter if scaling is setup correctly. There is even a configurable address for determining an "Under Range Error". That is, if your input card sees a value that is below the expected minimum. Are there any other places in your program that reference the raw signal registers? Maybe a piece of code is trying to write to an analog input value. Maybe that card is just a lemon.


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      What is the source of the measured voltage?


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        I solved it, I had to tie my 5v and 24v commons