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P3-16AD-2 No 24V message

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  • P3-16AD-2 No 24V message

    I cannot explain it.
    The P3-AD16-2 card LCD said 24 V was not applied. (or whatever the exact message may be)
    I took the card apart to find what looks like Kapton tape on the +V card edge terminal.

    Easter is a bit off, yet. So I found it early.

    Click image for larger version

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    Did the module function correctly once the Kapton tape was removed?


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      The message went away after removing the tape and reinstalling at the bench.
      I can check for function later.

      This card has been out of its package and installed on one of the sections that I am working on integrating into a larger project.
      Please don't infer that I am saying that it was received with the tape in place.
      I am not in a position to know if the tape is used in the mfg of the product.
      I have never seen it on any other p3 product.
      We may have had a griefer/joker here sometime in the past.