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    Is there a setting to make all tags retentive by default? I tend to get in a hurry creating tags and forget to mark them retentive and forget that I didn't intentionally mark them retentive. I'd prefer to have to make a tag not retentive rather than make it retentive.

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    No. I recall it's due to there not being enough memory to make every tag retentive.
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      Todd Dice is correct. If you look at P040 "tag database" help topic it has the below note on the retentive memory limits:

      Click image for larger version  Name:	2020-02-24_7-13-24.png Views:	0 Size:	64.8 KB ID:	128729

      Is there a setting to make all tags retentive by default?
      No. This is due to keep a user from reaching the limit described above.
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        Out of curiosity why are booleans 1 byte instead of 1 bit?


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          As far as CPU memory a Boolean data type is stored in a byte. If writing a value to a Boolean 0 = OFF; < 0 > = ON