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Is it too late to request the OLD forum back.

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  • Is it too late to request the OLD forum back.

    Even with the problems that the old forum had, it was very much more usable and useful than this NEW IMPROVED forum.

    I just spent about 8 minutes waiting for this site to recover from an EMPTY_CONTENT error when there WAS content! It did contain a 'built-in' smilie. Removed the smilie and it posted fine.
    I can crash this site by pasting image content to the editor.
    I cannot attach images.
    I cannot reliably determine if a post is new - without re-reading it.
    Editor context menu needs to be consistent: In this view (New Topic), I get the BROWSER context menu, In a (reply) view, I get a [Cut,Copy,Paste,Add Table] context menu.Why the inconsistent context menu?
    Mobile view shows useless fluff instead of useful 'DATA'
    (o) e.g. At the forum 'Home' page, the General Applications heading tells the Topics count, the Posts count and the title of the last post.
    Scrap the topic/post count fluff and tell me WHO posted, WHAT WHERE and WHEN

    Was this forum/server software written in JAVA, TOO?? HRUMMMMPH --- Sorry for that one! Couldn't resist.

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    We apologize for the issues, but upgrading anything has the potential for issues to happen.

    The old forum was very old. I won't go into all of the issues with it, but it caused me to spend an inordinate amount of time keeping it moderated in addition to a lot of other problems. We realize that this isn't 100% yet, but if you will bear with us and report issues to the administrator through the link at the top of the page we will do our best to get them resolved if at all possible.

    If you post issues here we may or may not see them. Sending us email through the administrator link is always the best way to report stuff to us as we read every email that is sent.
    If you have an urgent issue, please contact AutomationDirect's Technical Support team. Technical Support: 1(800) 633-0405 or (770) 844-4200 Email Tech Support