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  • C-more email event action

    I use this feature extensively and it works quite well. It could use a few tweaks though.

    1. The ability to send a test email to check formatting without triggering the event would be awesome.
    2. Is there a reason for the 400 character limit? Can it be extended?
    3. Is there a reason the number of embedded tags is so low? I think it is 6.
    4. When you get to the limit of embedded tags you can no longer delete them with the backspace key.
    5. It would be nice to use tags in the subject line of the message. You can try to insert one but it gets put in the body.
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    dd33 thanks for the input. We value feedback from our customers to improve our products.

    1) We actually had at one time but removed it because it was not clear how to use it. We will consider adding it back in and making it clearer and easier to use.

    2) 3) These are good questions we need to ask the developers, but I do not see why they have such a small limit.

    4) If you click on the tag, it will open a dialog that will allow you to Edit or delete the tag. I think backspace or select and delete would be a better approach.

    5) There is a way to do this. Leave the Subject line blank and the first line of the body will be the subject, embedded tags and all.