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din mounting power supply

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  • din mounting power supply

    Could not think of a better Title. Using the Rhino PSB24-060-P for an example. Who's idea was it to put two release levers under the power supply? Bad idea. I wrestled trying to mount the power supply to the din rail. I had to use a screwdriver on one then push it down then use the screwdriver on the opposite one to finally get the power supply down onto the rail. I can see why they thought it was a good idea, better access from both sides. I hate it. But love the power supplies.

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    Just to add to it. I think it is cause they are made out of plastic, they give too much and do not want to give way. Maybe if they were metal, it would work better.


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      Yeah, certainly not the easiest model to mount to DIN rail, and I've used a lot of them. I've performed the two screwdriver method you described as well. Affordable? Absolutely! Easy to mount? Ummm
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        yea very affordable and dependable. At the price, I will put up with it. Could you imagine the price if they eliminated one of the slide locks! Be cheaper yet. lol


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          Thank you for the posts. We appreciate your business and your feedback. I have made the Product Engineer/Manager aware of your concerns. Thanks again.
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