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PAC P3K Group Comms, SRAM, memory and PAC NAME

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  • PAC P3K Group Comms, SRAM, memory and PAC NAME

    With respect to the threads mentioned in this post, unless you understand how PAC SW/FW updates have removed bitten me, please don't suggest a SW/FW update. Thanks.
    I am tired of doing AD's PAC developer's job of regression testing every release of this software.
    I WOULD like to use some of the newer features in later software releases, but I am not up for weeks of regression testing in the chance that more SW/FW issues pop up.

    With respect to this thread ( CPU losing assigned name ) Note that this has happened multiple times - before and after installation of a UPS for the CPU and REMOTE BASES.

    Lately, I have experienced these issues as listed in the CPU Error and/or Event History:
    E05102 Invalid Base ID G00B01
    E02101 One or more module status bits are set
    E02205 P3-RS/P3-RX is not communicating with PAC CPU
    E01802 System SRAM Err ID_FW_IntE

    CPU lost the User-Assigned Name.
    We DID have some power sags before all this happened - due to strong winds a couple of weeks back.
    I could probably understand some of these issues if I didn't already have a UPS for each CPU/BASE AC power source and that NONE of the systems lost controls power.
    I did not see any event System Started (FW rev) or RUN Switch message in the event history, so the CPU DID NOT power down -- at least not enough for a POWER-UP sequence.

    Edit: System configuration.

    --Digital IO control base
    P3-16ND3 (x3)
    P3-16TD2 (x8)

    SE-SW5U for remote IO - not connected to ethernet network

    --Analog Input remote base (Voltage monitor)
    P3-RS (addressed as remote Base 1)
    P3-16AD-2 (x7)

    --Analog Input remote base (Current monitor)
    P3-RS (addressed as remote Base 2)
    P3-16AD-2 (x7)

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    We have 4 systems that will lose remote I/o com. Its been going on for years now
    Just tried the update on a system with one remote rack and only a crossover cable failed within one week
    We are going to replace remotes with CPU (our systems with just cpu work fine)


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      OldControl... we have been working with another customer for several months with a similar issue. After much cooperation and information from that customer our developers were able to find an issue in our sw scan library. We released a new version of the sw today ( with a fix for this issue. Since you are having an issue with one remote and we can only duplicate with multiple remotes I am not sure if it is the same issue you are having, but please test it and let us know. If it does not fix the issue you are having please contact our tech support and we will try to resolve your issue.


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        We will try this week of OCT 30th
        2 of the sites have more than one rack so hopefully this will fix this
        Sites are remote and I don't like to upgrade firmware without being on site