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Click 2.10 Feature Request Realized. Thank you.

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  • Click 2.10 Feature Request Realized. Thank you.

    Feature request realized.

    I have just made the mods to an existing CLICK 2.0 project to use the retentive text in CLICK 2.10
    I have removed a total of 822 steps just because of the new RETENTIVE TEXT capability.

    I have to give a big THANK YOU for this!

    I used File.Export.Nickname and navigated to where I wanted to save the .csv file.
    In Excel, I CLEARED the Initial Value field and SET the Retentive field for each text address.
    I saved the .csv and closed excel - following whatever silliness that excel requires when saving .csv files.

    Back in CLICK 2.10, I used File.Import.Nickname and navigated to my project's folder.
    After selecting the .csv file to import, I selected the Delete Existing radio button on the left.

    I deleted the two Subroutines and calls, and removed all references to the bits that indicated whether or not my TEXT RETENTION emulator needed to be called.
    I tested the project on a bench configuration. Success. All recipe names were retentive.

    Thanks CLICK development team!