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  • New Micros with Ethernet

    I mentioned it before, but not much of a response about drivers for the micro Ethernet feature. The C-More Software has Allen Bradley Ethernet drivers, especially for the micrologix plc, but in the C-More Micro software, they do not exist. Not sure it is a licensing thing or legal battle, but will they add them to the C-More Micro Software? The add-on module we tried was for the 6" micro panel. We do sometimes need to use the micro with AB plcs and we are not able to at the moment. We tried modbus TCP but no luck yet. With the C-More HMI, no problems.

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    We have tested the C-more Micro with the EA-ECOM and Modbus TCP with the A-B Microloix that supports Modbus with issue. I suggest calling Tech Support if you have not found a solution yet.


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      Not all AB micrologix plc's support Modbus, ie 1100. I just wondering why the same ethernet drivers in the C-More Software are not available in the C-More Micro Software. When I get a chance I will try it with the AB Micrologix 1400.


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        Originally posted by a agnone View Post
        Not all AB micrologix plc's support Modbus,
        And why would they? Modbus is a FREE/OPEN protocol. FREE is a foreign concept to AB/RS...


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          lol now isn't that the truth.