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Stride SiteLink (the quest for peer-to-peer VPN)

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  • Stride SiteLink (the quest for peer-to-peer VPN)

    Is it just me, or does anyone else find the current state of affairs with regard to industrial VPN routers infuriating? What I want is an SBC with Linux pre-installed, or on which I can install it, in a bookshelf-oriented DIN rail package, operating on 24VDC, with power terminals, for $300. Instead I keep getting people like Cosy/Ewon and the new Stride product, that want me to sign up for an account, i.e. they want to turn it into a 'service' (even if free). It creates a potential security hole, as well as a single point of failure.

    I have in my desk an SBC with two Ethernet ports (one of them Wifi, unfortunately), that will run Linux with a proprietary LCD or over HDMI, that I paid $50 for. It would seem to me that for $250, someone could build a DIN-rail housing, add actual terminals in lieu of the barrel connector, and either re-engineer the thing to run on 24V or add a switching voltage regulator. Bookshelf DIN-rail Linux PC's do exist, but they seem to be aimed at competing with PLCs and have far more capability than this application needs and sell for far more. All I want is to industrialize a commercial VPN router (and maybe a version with upgraded environmental specs).

    In fact, it seems so feasible that I may do it myself (and then potentially start selling them, since no one else seems to want to)

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    While I agree with parts of what you're saying, you should understand the Sitelink does more than just provide a VPN gateway. Cloud tagging, user access, centralized, etc etc. This isn't just a single user point-to-point VPN. Plus, with doing what you're saying, depending on what flavor of VPN you go with, that could make it a nightmare for the end user. I need hardware that I can setup on a customers network without having to deal with IT. Most of my clients don't have an IT department, so when I need a port forward done, that means I become the IT department and I certainly want no part of that. SiteLink and the competitors don't require any of that. I'm not sure how signing up for an account is a hassle, but in this instance you can't have your cake and eat it to. For us, I need to be able to assign users to a group to allow or disallow access. That's hard to do from an admin perspective without centralized accounting like we get with SiteLink or Cosy.

    I have a SiteLink here that I've been testing and I like it compared to the primary competitor that we normally use. It has one or two annoyances that I've expressed to their development group, but for the most part I think I'll be using them from here on out.