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Solo pdf: Where is Page 4-11

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  • Solo pdf: Where is Page 4-11

    Solocontrolm.pdf SL-USER-M Second Edition Rev B dated 04/15

    From the pdf:
    Note: The system alarm does not have a dedicated output that can be used only for the
    system alarm. One of the alarm outputs can be used for the system alarm. See page

    There is no page 4-11. Ch4 ends at P4-10, then Ch5 begins.

    I would guess that Page 4-11 is where Rule Six would be if there were a Rule Six.

    EDIT: Yes, I understand that the specified contents are on Page 4-10. Please view this as a docfix request.
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    Thanks for pointing this out. I have made the Product Manager aware of this. Thanks again.
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