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  • Documetation a bit sparse...

    Have been working with Productivity 2000 and Sure Step.

    Wiring examples - my experience is that Japan and Europe tend to use Sourcing Inputs and Sinking Outputs, while most equipment I see from the US seems to be Sourcing Outputs and Sinking Inputs. I find the latter much easier to work with as 0V means inactive and 24V means active. I working with the SureServo product it seems that most of the examples are sourcing outputs and sinking inputs even though it seems that it is rather simple to configure them the other way around. For Example = on the Sure Servo Digital Inputs - the common connection it labelled COM+ when in reality it is really DI COM. If you connect DC+ the Digital Inputs are looking to be pulled low when active, and if DC+ is connected the digital inputs are looking to be pulled high when active.

    SureServo and P2000-HSO. Would it not be a better wiring example to use the 1A *1A connected to PULSE *PULSE and the 1B *1B connected ot DIR *DIR? Then the VDD to PULL HI is not required and a higher pulse rate can be used. (500,000 hz vs 200,000 hz) When working with a servo and a gearbox those numbers are very important.

    I still have to work out the Outputs from the SureServo to the HSO card - once again - non US convention in the manual...

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    Thanks for the post. I have made the Product Manager aware of your concern. However, if you need any assistance please contact our technical support team at (800) 633-0405, they will be glad to help. Thanks again.
    If you have an urgent issue, please contact AutomationDirect's Technical Support team at 1(800) 633-0405 or (770) 844-4200. Thank you