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Request: C-More micro passwords based on key

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  • Request: C-More micro passwords based on key

    There are machines in my plant that have a 'supervisor' override, or a page to change a setting. Sometimes the password to the page is given to an operator (like on 2nd or 3rd shift), but then it needs to be physically changed so that settings are not tampered with down the line.

    It would be really awesome if a password could be generated daily, based on a key - for instance Day+Month * Some Number. Something simple that a supervisor could know, but wouldn't be obvious to a production worker.

    In the meantime I'm going to see what I can come up with on the Click Plc side, and roll my own password pages.


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    For a Micro, I usually just use a Numeric Input Object.
    I format the object so that the font/color is not readable.
    You can then do something like:

    . 'If user enters a proper password
    . 'SET the password OK memory
    . 'CLEAR the actual password
    .     NumEntry  Password          PW_OK    
    .------------] =[---------+--------(S)
    .                         |
    .                         |     |
    .                         +-----+ Copy
    .                               | 0  NumEntry
    .                               +----------------
    . 'Whenever/whatever determines that
    . 'the password OK is no longer valid
    . '(TIME or EVENT) RESET the
    . 'password OK memory
    .         PW_Expiry              PW_OK
    .------------] ^[------------------(R)
    You can use the PW_OK for visibility of certain screen navigation objects or other screen objects.
    You can make the 'Password' variable be whatever you like - as you suggested, you could math it out.
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      Thanks for the tip kewakl!