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Productivity Ethernet add-on module

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  • Productivity Ethernet add-on module

    It would be nice if Productivity supported all the proper SSL and TLS features for network communication and email sending capabilities as well as for use with the web server feature. If these things cannot be implemented directly in the CPU ETH port, then there should be a module that can be added that is used for these types of communications that does support the necessary security features. This Ethernet Module way of doing it is the same way Allen Bradly implements their SSL/TLS capabilities.

    The H2 and T1H Do-More's could also use this aproach to get these needed features
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    I second an ethernet module. This would also allow seperation of networks (ie. third party distributed IO, and building networks).


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      Thank you for the feedback ... Well-noted! These are currently a few of our top priorities. Thank you for your patience as we continue to develop new hardware and add new features. Please continue to give us your comments.
      - J. Payne
      "Controls make the world go round"