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    I purchased a 90 degree dc gear-motor, MTGR-P14-1L077. There is at least a 1/16 or more play in the output shaft. Is this normal for a light duty gearbox. All it does is turn a longer 12" shaft that has hardly any load on it. Not to get into detail. With just the shaft turning, I have at least 3/16" deflection at the end of the shaft. You can literally take hold of the end shaft and move it up and down. I ended up buying a Leeson for about double the money, but it has no play in the output drive shaft. Maybe I just got a bad unit.

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    I dont know about that unit specifically, but I bought another of those same motors just with a higher RPM a couple years ago and it has no play at all in the output shaft. I was actually pretty surprised at how tight and smooth running it was. You should talk to the RMA department and see about getting it replaced. It sounds like a bad unit to me.


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      Thanks Mike, I will. This one not only has lots of play but very noisy when it runs. I noticed oil out on the shaft when I took it off the machine.


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        Sounds like it has a bad bearing.