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Add timing diagrams for AB style structure bits for more timers to DMD

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  • Add timing diagrams for AB style structure bits for more timers to DMD

    I was using the OFFDTMR and clicked the check box to see the AB style timing diagram, but nothing changed. The same is true for the ONDTMR. It worked for the other timer types. Consider adding them, as it is useful information.

    I'm on version 2.3.2 of DMD.

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    We'll check on that, but it may be that since those instructions were patterned after AB instructions to begin with, there may not have been any changes when we added the AB bits. Comments Franj?


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      Well, there might not have been any changes, but it would still be nice to know what the structure elements will do.

      I'm guessing you guys originally intended people to just use the Cx output bit. But, the normal structure elements are still there, and I was trying to use the timing diagrams to see what they would do. That's when I saw that the info wasn't there. I was trying to see the difference between .Done and .DN for an OFFDTMR as they were behaving differently in the program (iirc...)

      I had already used a bunch of the structure elements (converting an AB program), and the designer was offering the .Done and the .DN, so I used them in a few places before noticing the output bit.


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        Will have to look at the AB manuals to see.
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