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Two-hand safety relays

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    I did not get what the original post meant, that’s all. And I tried initially to clarify the concepts, to make sure we all use the same vocabulary. Since it used a pnp switch to energize a relay capable to provide the no/nc contacts for the safety relay, and it mixed the two-hand in, for me it was hard to understand the exact setup.


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      Originally posted by Adisharr View Post

      I'm not sure you understand what the 2H safety relay needs. They REQUIRE each pushbutton to have a C-form relay output. They rarely accept PNP outputs unless you're using a 2H function in a programmable safety controller.

      He originally solved the problem by powering two small C-form relays from his existing Banner PNP output Opto-touch units not knowing that Banner makes a C-form output Opto-touch model.

      He's not passing the PNP outputs THROUGH the relays, he's powering the relays to act as an intermediary device to give the safety relay the outputs it requires.
      This is correct!
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