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    Why isn't there a 10g MTW Blue? It is common to have Black, Red, and Blue on a 3 phase 240vac system. At least where I work.

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    black, red, blue is the standard colors listed by the National Electric Code, however they also list black, orange, yellow as alternate colors you can use. AD does carry those.
    Personally I wouldnt use those alternates though. Yellow in a control cabinet normally means "this is still live after local disconnect". And then you have 480v 3 phase that is normally brown, orange, yellow for its colors. It would be confusing to a lot of people to use orange and especially yellow for the standard 240v 3 phase wire colors.
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      Thank MikeN, yes, I use the Brn, Org, and Yellow for 480vac 3 phase.


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        Those are both construction oriented color codes. JIC/NFPA 79 standard for high voltage power is black.


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          Thanks for the suggestion. We are currently working on improving our wire offering and your input is greatly appreciated.
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