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  • C-More Software, Default Options

    Granted, I've only done a few C-More projects, but a Setup-Options would be nice.

    - Font Type, Style, Color, and Size. It's a PITA to have to edit each object just for a different font size.
    - Increment/Decrement Value Object. Rollover is selected as a default. This cost me hours of frustration before I found the check box to turn it off!
    - Background Color. I like Black, but gave up and used the default White since I figured there were smarter folks than me picking these things. I am beginning to question my assumption, though.
    - Default Legend Color. Not that much of a biggie, but would be nice.
    - Legend on/off default for buttons. Again would be nice.

    I'm sure there are others, but the first 2 are frustrating.

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    I understand what you are saying, I have thought that for a long time. Let me customize the software to my defaults.

    Have you tried saving objects once you have them the way you want them in the Object Library? Right-Click on the object and select Object-> Library.

    Also I find it handy to select multiple objects and change the common parameters with the parameter list. Saves lots of time.


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      Thanks, Bob. That's 2 tricks I found when searching for answers, but I have not tried them yet.

      Coming from Red Lion, where there are so many different things you can do, and different ways to do things, it's kind of nice to have a sensible limit to keep things simple... Kind of like the Click. There's a limited function list and you can do most anything, but sometimes you have to 'roll your own'. This is a good thing in some cases. Heck, I was amazed when I found a scaling block. For years, I would always just use math with multipliers and divisors... Ahh, showing my age. I'm a slide rule guy in a microprocessor age

      I'll have to give the Object Library trick. It may be just the ticket to save a little frustration. I hadn't found the common parameters. I tried to do that one time, and missed it.

      Live and learn!


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        Originally posted by genebond View Post
        I hadn't found the common parameters. I tried to do that one time, and missed it.
        Live and learn!
        Try F4 or View->Windows->Property List


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          Thanks, I found it. I suppose I could do the whole screen with the default font size, then select all the objects and change the font... Seems backwards, huh? I admit, most of the time I copy, paste, edit. It's a bit quicker.


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            It won't be that easy. Contrary to the dialog's name, the Property List doesn't provide access to ALL property/value pairs.
            If the property is a drill-down effort or is within or behind another level of dialog (looking at things like Multistate text...) You won't have access to it from PropList.

            Also, if multiple objects are selected, only properties that are *common* to the objects selected are available.
            ---------I have more experience is with EA7 than EA9, so more may be available in EA9.