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Dimensional width of the ZL-RTB20-1?

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  • Dimensional width of the ZL-RTB20-1?

    Although I got it from downloading the step file, it would be nice if the dimensional width of the ZL-RTB20-1 was available. When clicking THIS LINK given on its page, only the dimension of ZL-RTB20 is listed.
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    Todd, seems some of the info is fuzzy. there seems to be some -1 units. One data sheet showed it and one did not. I had to make 2 orders before getting the correct parts. I found like 3 or 4 different data sheets. I downloaded them and put it all together for next time I need to order the zip links.


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      Thanks for calling our attention to this. The pages exist in our catalog (see attached) but mistakenly they weren't included in the Tech Spec pdf for that module. We will get it corrected. Thanks again.
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