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    Anyone else having a hard time opening the relay blister packs? We had two employees now cut themselves trying to open them. I had to use pliers to grab one of them to open it. I am under pressure to stop buying them from AD if workers are going to get hurt opening up the pack.
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    I agree the packaging of those relays is poor. I personally switched to the 782 series, but not due to the packaging. The 782 costs a little more, but not by much.
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      The plastic separates my fingernails from my fingers. Reminiscent of a torture procedure!


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        lol nice...


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          Back in the day, before Schneider bought Magnecraft, I preferred the Magnecraft-branded ones to the ADC ones because the single-pole ADC's didn't have a locking lever for the manual override (and because of the branding). You could see the outline of where the lever would be, but no lever. Now the Magnecraft ones came in the same accursed blister packs (5 to a stick if you ordered in quantity), and I agree, I despised them.

          However, since the Schneider buyout, they switched the packaging to corrugated rectangular boxes of 10, with cardboard dividers between relays. MUCH better. That's what I buy. No idea why the ADC packaging is still the old style, maybe they have 10 million units on the shelf or something. When I'm in the shop next week, I'll add a picture.

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            Yes, those are not pleasant to open.

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              Thanks for the feedback. Sorry for any inconvenience the packaging may have caused, I informed the Product Manager about the issue.
              If you have an urgent issue, please contact AutomationDirect's Technical Support team at 1(800) 633-0405 or (770) 844-4200. Thank you