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  • My first BRX

    I've been lurking around for quite some time. Already a huge fan of Cmore Micros. My past AD PLC experience has been with old DL's. Reminded me of old days with my Timex/Sinclair1000, with a Zilog z80 machine code. I come from an AB and micrologix background. I have used the micro800 several times, and don't mind them, even though they are an adjustment.

    But I have been drooling about BRX's, and just commissioned my first BRX project - an old AB PLC2/15 retrofit. All I can say is - what a nice platform! I have seen the discussions about capabilities vs. intuitiveness, and agree it daunting to grasp how many different way things can be done.

    I was initially disappointed how much DMD resembled DirectSoft - but I quickly realized it is far more capable. For example, using TrendPlot, I could quickly verify all my PB inputs by myself.

    Casting is one of my first favorite features - the free and easy access to any number, or any part thereof, is liberating, especially when coming from more restricted roots.

    I think the Math box is pretty much analogous to sailors seeing mermaids. Too good to be true.

    I will be coming up with many questions - and suggesting ways to fill information gaps. (I already have some issues w/ OFFDTMRs), but mostly, I feel like a kid in a candy store.

    Kudos to AD - I'm a fan on my first go-around!

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    Awesome! We’re glad you like it, happy to help, and willing to listen.


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      And DmD resembles DirectSoft the way a Porsche resembles a VW.