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    Any chance of getting command line options for exporting a project/docs? I would like to automate portions of our development process, and some hooks for project and documentation export would be very helpful. I would further love a way to import/compile from cli also, but that's less of an issue.

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    For which product?
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      Oooops, for The DoMore Designer specifically. Sorry for the late reply!


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        Do you just need to export a .DMD file as text, or do you want a bunch of command line switches? The former is easy, the latter - not so much.

        FYI, on the import side, you can do #include, so it can be a powerful mechanism for generating an entire project based off a system specification of some kind.

        #include "SystemConfigABC.txt"
        #include "MemConfigXYZ.txt"
        #include "Doc789.txt"
        #include "Logic123.txt

        where your software generates those pieces-parts (sysconfig would have to be predefined set of files that you generate, however).
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