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Productivity Suite My 2 Cents (Request)

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  • Productivity Suite My 2 Cents (Request)

    I recently moved a long-time customer over to the Productivity P2000 Series PLC, we decided on this platform because of the Ethernet IP options.

    The software is very straight forward to use and has many great options my feedback is related to the documentation and being a little more productive.

    1. Select the Tag Name on an Instruction in place (at the instruction), instead of opening the small dialog box to select another Tag.

    2. Edit the Tag Comment in place (at the instruction), instead of opening the Tag Database, finding and editing there.

    3. Have the Tag Comment multi line with the use of the Carriage Return just like the Instruction Comment option has better readability.

    4. Option for the Instruction Comment to be Global.

    I commend you for offering the software for free it has so many great features that many platforms charge for.

    Just my 2 cents...
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    import/export mnemonics

    I was just showing the guys here that in other PLC software you can import/export mnemonics.
    I used a SLC500/RSLogix500 as a demo.
    I created a 200 step skeleton (run-based) sequence in under 30 seconds - using an excel template.

    . Step1State Step1Condition Step2State
    .-------------------] [-------------] [----------+----------(OTL)
    . |
    . | Step1State
    . +----------(OTU)
    Try that in PACSuite.

    I put SOR XIC B3:0/100 XIC BST OTL B3:0/100 NXB OTU B3:0/100 BND EOR in a cell in EXCEL, break out each part of the mnemonic string into separate cells.
    I have a =(CONCATENATE CELLS("CONTENTS",A3),[...]) formula in cell to the right.
    Select all of the rung's cells --AND the concatenate cells, drag-increment to 200 steps.
    Copy the resulting (concat) text at the right of the sheet. Paste on another sheet using PasteSpecial.Values.
    (Excel prefixes a double quote and a appends CRLF to the right, so I have to get rid of that. Using NotePad++ searchmode.extended
    Paste into notepad++, convert (CRLF) \r\n to single space. copy all and paste into an "edit" rung in RSlogix.
    In about 5-7 seconds, the mnemonics were converted to 200 rungs of code. - I have no need for the 200 step sequence, but the size -vs- time was impressive

    I know that XIC BST will result in an instruction with no assigned address. This was desired.


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      Thanks for the compliments and suggestions on how to improve Productivity Suite, I sent them along to the Product Engineer. Your feedback is important to us and it's always great to hear the kudos. Thanks again.
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