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    Nice and grunty (using my first one on a job now and it's growing on me) but there's one big issue... RIO is through the same Ethernet port as many of the useful 'other' functions that make the Do-More platform so nice.

    This is a problem - good practice is that IO isn't on the same physical network as any of your 'other stuff' like HMI / programming access, peer-to-peer, etc.

    Doing the job properly with RIO necessitates an ECOM in the rack to segregate the RIO from the aforementioned 'other stuff' and all of a sudden there's a whole lot of clunky workarounds through the ECOM to try and replicate some of the nice D-More functions.

    Either the ECOM needs upgrading, or a seperate RIO 'scanner' port be added to the H2 platform somehow.

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    Use a BRX if you can. Two, pretty much full capability Ethernet ports (with a POM), AND newer backplane and I/O design thrown in.


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      Thanks for the post. I have made the Product Manager aware of your feedback and it is greatly appreciated.
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