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PAC requests - a couple more

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  • PAC requests - a couple more

    Some of these requests/issues may be duplicates of previous.... After years of development, they still annoy.
    In this post, I have made deliberate effort so that I do not appear to be the grouchy old man that I sometimes do.

    Please allow sizing of the Rung Comment editor, allow mouse context menu copy/cut/paste here also
    Allow colored rung comment text like CLICK does.

    Please allow me to disable the in-instruction tag picker [...] far, for me... it only gets in my way.
    It is NOT there until I attempt to click inside the field and then it appears right where my mouse is. and I get to accidentally click it.
    This is especially true in the CPD instruction where I am forced to do a Mouse/kybd/mouse/kybd dance

    What can be done to make editing a CPD instruction better?
    While editing a CPD instruction I find that it is easier to edit from bottom to top because the dropdown taglist just clutters the next lower tag field.
    I find that I have to play mouse-hopscotch in the CPD instruction to make the dropdown taglist disappear so I can actually populate/edit a lower field
    Please make the CPD dialog a bit wider - or make it WIDTH-SIZABLE so that the long tags can actually be read! -- I know that the columns can be sized, but not the instruction.
    Put a long tagname in each column and it becomes difficult to read.

    Rung/rung element copy paste is inconsistent. I can copy a rung/section of rung, move the cursor to where I want the copied content to be pasted, do the paste operation, nothing!
    Do the paste operation again, it works.

    Doubleclicking an instruction sometime DOES not open the instruction for edit. Multiple doubleclicking also fails to open instruction for edit.
    Right-Click.Properties always works. Please fix.

    Find/Replace dialog. PLEASE PLEASE make the search-term field be the DEFAULT field. .
    The act of CTRL-F should indicate to the software that we really want to search.

    Right now, I am working in -- on two different laptops.
    On one laptop, editing a CPD instruction the TAB key DOES NOT move the cursor to the first row. On the other it does! HUH?

    Please add an option to make the 'pinned-minimized' [Apps][Tasks][Inst] flyouts just pop out. The animation of flying-out takes too long. Sometimes a couple seconds to extend fully.
    Probably related to how much stuff is in the list - and what states the collapsible entities are in. I have one project containing about 90 tasks. molasses when online
    This pc i5-5200 2.2ghz 8gb Not top of the line, but not a paperweight either.

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    Thanks for the feedback, we truly appreciate it. I handed it off to the Engineering group so they can look into it further.
    If you have an urgent issue, please contact AutomationDirect's Technical Support team at 1(800) 633-0405 or (770) 844-4200. Thank you