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Solo Documentation mismatch

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  • Solo Documentation mismatch

    [Mods: please move to Give Us Your 2 Cents]
    I am using my solo 9696 object in a project. I am reading/writing several parameters -- (SV, PV, Control Mode, Output 1 Level and LED Status)
    It seems that the degree °F and °C bits are swapped in the Solo LED Status word Modbus address 4139 -- or just the documentation.

    In the Modbus Read, I get bit 3 when degrees C is selected.
    In the Modbus Read, I get bit 4 when degrees F is selected.
    Before the Nay-Sayers say Nay!, just observe that in the Solo Documentation that this bitfield starts at 0 and PAC starts at bit 1.
    The manual says Bit 2 = °F Bit 3 = °C, so I offset the bits by 1 to make that Bit 3 = °F Bit 4 = °C -- just the opposite of what I observe.

    I looked for an ERRATA document. no luck.
    I noticed this in the offline doc that I have -- 04/15 2nd Ed, Rev B (pg 7-5). and the online version 04/18 2nd Ed, Rev D (pg7-5).

    I have worked around this in my project, just would like some reference to use for the fix.
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    I sent this over to product engineer responsible for this product line.


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      I am dealing with the same anomaly and wondering if there has been an answer by automation direct? Be nice if the documentation could be fixed or errata posted.