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More robust thermocouple modules please!

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  • More robust thermocouple modules please!

    I'd like to request a more robust thermocouple module for at least the BRX line. My use case for AD processors in general is retrofits on existing equipment. These machines are not necessarily wired according to all the best-practice recommendations pertaining to thermocouples, and it usually spells problems for AD thermocouple input modules.

    The old process controls that I'm taking out are less capable on the logic side of things, but way, way more robust on the analog input side. The stuff I'm usually taking out are Honeywell controllers, and their analog inputs are pretty bullet-proof, in my limited experience. I've seen a door mounted Honeywell high limit that wasn't grounded properly causing the door itself to float at about 60V (a tiny leakage current) above ground, and the thermocouple reading never even blinked, and this was with a grounded thermocouple installed. The cards AD sells start freaking out if you have a tiny fraction of that noise induced on a T/C wire.

    My current pain point is I've spent 2 days chasing noise and grounding issues on a system that had zero problems reading these T/Cs before. It doesn't inspire confidence in others in the ability of the equipment to produce good product, or in the controls AD is selling in general. I would definitely pay more for a more robust T/C card that is more tolerant of noise and voltage offsets on its inputs. The savings in troubleshooting and fixing hard to trace problems with existing wiring would more than offset the cost. Not to mention time savings down the road troubleshooting again if someone installs a thermocouple that's grounded instead of ungrounded.

    I had issues in the past with the Directsoft line of thermocouple inputs, and I was hoping that the BRX line would be better. I was wrong. While I'm pretty sure I can make the module I have work, a better module would make the choice of AD products a no-brainer instead of a troubleshooting nightmare.


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    We are in the process of launching more modules for the BRX line. We will look at adding more thermocouple modules.
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