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Version Numbers Incomplete on Support/Downloads

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  • Version Numbers Incomplete on Support/Downloads

    I happened to notice Do-more Designer is showing a new release of 2.6.2 on 8/19 on Host's Website.

    At it shows only that v2.6 is available, is Current and is dated 6/19. The lack of ALL of the version number is also present in the download file.

    The downloads section has had a good bit of this lack of completeness at various times, leaving out the "subversion" numbers or release dates or having the download name so vague I can't tell what it is later. Hopefully, we can see these downloads with all of the descriptors soon.

    I've been waiting for 2.6.2 and will be glad when it arrives.


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    ADC's web updates may be a little behind.

    From your 2.x Designer, do Help->Live Update, and it should show you how to download 2.6.2 install, then run it. It will update 2.6(.1) to 2.6.2 if 2.6 is already installed, or just install 2.6.2 if not.
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